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We cannot escape the cold weather for a few months in a year, no matter what part of the world we live. In some countries, winters are as bad as living inside a freezer with temperatures dipping below the freezing point. In those instances, the only savior is a heating system.

Imagine what happens if the system shuts down and forces you to freeze, especially at night? Well, stop imagining and call us. We have an expert panel of top technicians who can render reliable and swift furnace repair services and help our clients to get back their systems in the least possible time frame.




When looking for quality furnace troubleshooting and maintenance services, you have to select the best and affordable contractor in the market. However, the process of finding your perfect fit can be time-consuming and costly as you have to interview all the available contractors. Worse still, the one you choose may offer substandard services, hence leaving you in frustration. You can avoid these frustrations by hiring our services at Citywide Heating And Cooling Company. We lead other contractors in the market due to our:

·         Reliability

We are highly Credible Company. We have gained our reputation in the field through teamwork. You will undoubtedly love our customer service and our courteous technical team who will offer you a service you have never experienced from any other HVAC contractor. Besides serving our customers well, we actively participate in the welfare of different stakeholders in our business, including our employees and the general public. You can gain more insights about us from our social pages or our site's comments section.

·         Flexibility

Our services are diversified. With years of experience dealing with different heating systems, our technical team members can handle various HVAC problems to revert your comfort. We have offices everywhere throughout Michigan and a representative in the neighboring towns. Our services are open for 24 hours throughout the week.

·         Legal operation

Citywide heating and cooling company is licensed and insured. Thus, we are operating within the law. How does this benefit you as a customer? The fact that we are a licensed entity is good evidence that the regulators in the market assessed and approved us for quality services. On the other hand, having insurance coverage means that we are covered in all our operations against any risk occurrence. Should anything terrible emanating from our services happen to your property, you won't incur any cost. Instead, our insurer will compensate you for the damages.



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We are here to serve you. Whether your furnace has blocked ducts, a defective motor, a faulty thermostat, or any other issue, we will professionally handle the problem. We will also offer free training on how to do basic furnace troubleshooting. Call us today and get your heating issues sorted.