Lake Erie Metropark

Lake Erie Metropark is a wonderful and natural place near Brownstown, Michigan. It's located in the Lake Erie watershed of Wayne County. This park is known for its wildlife and peacefulness, with things like biking trails and fishing spots just minutes away from your local area - it will be an experience full of sights you've never seen before.

Lake Erie Metropark was made in the early '70s when there was an idea to bring more parks into Michigan. People wanted many more places to go into that involved nature, and this park wouldn't fit any other place better than here.

First off, Lake Erie Metropark is a great spot for biking. The park offers a total of 18 miles for biking. I mean, who wouldn't want to run their bike into something that is fun? Not only will you be given the excitement of biking, but there are some cool trails you can take too. Like the French Creek Trail (4-mile trail), or the Oak Openings Trail (5-mile trail). You won't have to worry about not biking into something spectacular!

One of the best things I love about this place is that you can fish here. The fishing pier at Lake Erie Metropark is a great place to be, and maybe even catch a largemouth bass or a red ear sunfish. Fishing in a park doesn't sound like something bad, does it? I don't think so either.

Another fun activity would be swimming in the lake... But you can't swim in there. See, it's beachfront with sand and all that good stuff, but during winter this part is covered in ice! So if you want to go swimming in there, you'll have to wait till the ice melts.






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